Burning Throat: Possible Causes, Plus Remedies That Can Help


Eating smaller, more frequent meals, avoiding late-night meals or snacks, and avoiding acid reflux triggers may be beneficial. A doctor will usually begin by encouraging lifestyle changes or recommending over-the-counter (OTC) remedies. Anywhere from 1.6 to 6.8 percent of adults in the United States develop Barrett’s esophagus. People with Barrett’s esophagus have a slightly increased risk of developing esophageal cancer. In rare cases, a sore throat is sign of HIV or throat cancer. Children may also be sensitive to certain foods that affect the valve-like mechanism between the esophagus and the stomach.

They made this recommendation because unacceptable levels of NDMA, a probable carcinogen (or cancer-causing chemical), were present in some ranitidine products. People taking prescription ranitidine should talk with their doctor about safe alternative options before stopping the drug. People taking OTC ranitidine should stop taking the drug and talk with their healthcare provider about alternative options. You can get over-the-counter antacids, such as Tums and Rolaids, to help neutralize your stomach acids and reduce acid reflux symptoms. They are convenient when you’re at a dinner event and start to feel heartburn.


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The cause may be spending long periods lying down or an underdeveloped esophagus. If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, see your doctor. They this page can determine the cause and advise you on any next steps. Diagnosing the underlying cause of esophagitis is necessary in order to guide treatment decisions.

This reinforces the lower esophageal sphincter, making it less likely that acid will back up in the esophagus. Your health care provider might be able to diagnose GERD based on a history of your signs and symptoms and a physical examination. People at risk of experiencing acid reflux should adopt specific lifestyle changes to avoid symptoms.

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In that case, a 2011 study of pregnant people documents several home remedies that were helpful, at least anecdotally. The study is a few years old, but you still might find it beneficial. In addition to sore throat, chronic and severe acid reflux that goes unmanaged can lead to a rare but serious condition here called Barrett’s esophagus. This occurs when the lining of your esophagus changes its composition to resemble the lining of your intestines. In addition to causing heartburn, acid reflux can also damage the esophagus. That’s why a sore throat can be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Rikkunshito is a Japanese herbal remedy that some people use for relieving symptoms of acid reflux. For some people, symptoms worsen after eating food, whereas others may experience symptoms before eating. Acid reflux, also known as heartburn, is the hallmark symptom of GERD. Anyone who has indigestion with chest pain, shortness learn more here of breath, or pain in the arm or jaw should receive emergency medical care. Other medications work by strengthening the muscles that separate the esophagus from the stomach, to prevent stomach acid from traveling upward. When a sore throat stems from acid reflux, a person may also feel as if they have a lump in their throat.

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