High-Functioning Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

High Functioning Anxiety:

anxiety attack vs panic attack

Find out more about the symptoms of anxiety on our page about anxiety disorders in children. There may also be other times in a child’s life when they feel anxious. For example, many children feel anxious when going to a new school or before tests and exams. Some children feel shy in social situations and may need support with this.

The potential benefits of high-functioning anxiety can be seen in the outcomes and successes that you and other people observe. Zhang, F., Baranova, A., Zhou, C., Cao, H., Chen, J., Zhang, X., & Xu, M. Causal influences of neuroticism on mental health and cardiovascular disease.

Some types of therapy may be more effective than others for anxiety. The primary treatments for anxiety disorders are psychotherapy and medications. Doctors may find it challenging to diagnose an anxiety disorder in people with see post. If the doctor does not find an underlying cause, the person may need to see a mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment. Also, individuals may only seek help when they recognize their symptoms as being a problem. Individuals with high functioning anxiety may view some anxiety symptoms, such as perfectionism, as positive traits that help them progress and achieve.

Psychotherapies are often an effective treatment for anxiety as they delve into the root cause of someone’s distress and help change negative thoughts and behaviors. While reading this article, it is important to keep in mind that the term ‘high functioning’ can be problematic. Below are some reasons why the term ‘high functioning anxiety’ comes with issues.

That said, when fear or intense physical reactions start to creep in along with anxiety, it morphs into an anxiety disorder. All six of these life hacks can be put together into an effective high-functioning anxiety toolbox. Whether I am at work or at home or out with friends, I can use these skills to put myself back in the driver’s seat. Learning how to cope with anxiety doesn’t happen overnight, something that we Type A’s can find frustrating. But I am confident that if I put even a fraction of that overachieving energy into my own wellness, the results will be positive. One of my biggest fears was telling people at work about my anxiety.

In other words, someone with high-functioning anxiety might experience symptoms like worrying a lot, racing thoughts, and losing sleep some of the time, but they get through life anyway. A part of self-care is community care, so don’t forget to talk with your loved ones as well. People may not expect you to need help since you seem happy, but opening up about your fears will go a long way. “Social support from friends and family is an important part of stress management, so take time to spend social time with others,” she says.

From the age of around 6 months to 3 years it’s very common for young children to have separation anxiety. They may become clingy and cry when separated from their parents or carers. This is a normal stage in a child’s development and should stop at around age 2 to 3. Mental health counselor Jeffrey Meltzer sees clients nearly every day who suffer from ‘high-functioning’ depression, so he decided to post a video about it on TikTok. The video now has more than 8 million views and more than 5,000 comments. It’s not unusual for kids, even young ones, to sometimes feel anxious.

Like any form of anxiety, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to treat high-functioning anxiety. Try practicing mindfulness, regular exercise, avoiding too much coffee (or switching to decaf), and setting boundaries to see if this helps lessen your symptoms. And don’t forget, professional therapy can be helpful in helping you find inner peace too. There’s power in chatting it out with someone, and you can even try journaling to spot patterns and triggers.

Some people might be described as having ‘high functioning’ anxiety but still experience significant distress. And some may have subclinical anxiety, meaning they don’t meet the standard for an anxiety disorder ‘ but they still experience anxiety symptoms. ‘I have used Headspace with quite a number of my adult and teen clients and have even been using it myself,’ says Siqueland. ‘The animations really help to describe concepts in an engaging way.’ If people have reservations about adding one more thing to a busy schedule, Siqueland advises clients to begin with 10 minutes a day.

These symptoms may present as being detail-oriented, punctuality, perfectionism and being highly-organized. Discover our top picks and the best online therapy to fit your needs and preferences. Other medications like benzodiazepines, buspirone and beta-blockers can also be used to treat anxiety. High-functioning anxiety can be treated the same way that other anxiety disorders are treated, including therapy, prescription medications or a combination of the two.

Anxiety can cause a feeling of urgency or feeling scattered, says Ozturk. It may bring up worries about the past or future that become obsessive thoughts. When your brain starts overthinking a situation or you’re being look at this unfairly hard on yourself, CBT gives you a quick way out of snowballing thoughts. Hosted by therapist Amy Morin, LCSW, this episode of The Verywell Mind Podcast shares a strategy to help you cope with anxiety.

As do people with anxiety disorders, people with high-functioning anxiety can benefit from treatment from mental health professionals. High-functioning anxiety is not a clinically-recognized anxiety disorder, but many individuals who experience anxiety may manage or hide their symptoms to the extent that others may not notice. While an individual with high-functioning anxiety may appear calm or composed, they try this may internally struggle with excessive worry or distress. Because individuals with high-functioning anxiety may be more successful in controlling or hiding their symptoms, it is important to be honest with a mental health care provider about symptoms and concerns. This can ensure that an individual who suspects they are experiencing the symptoms of high-functioning anxiety receives an accurate diagnosis.

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