How to Overcome Social Anxiety: 8 Techniques & Exercises


Consider taking up walking or running or practice yoga at home. Do everything in your power to ensure that poor physical health is not contributing to your problems with anxiety. Exercise on a regular basis (including cardiovascular exercise and weight training) and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Keep a daily journal so that you can see how much you have improved. Writing about your thoughts and experiences will also help you recognize when you are falling back into old habits and negative-thinking patterns.

This is a must-read for anyone who wants to speak confidently in any type of social situation. The central thesis of Find Your Voice is learning to speak with confidence by implementing different strategies that help individuals relax, stand tall, and speak with clarity. The book offers tangible, practical ways to rewire our brain so we can break free of the shackles of social anxiety. The client is then invited to identify more helpful thoughts when facing anxious moments and ways to regain a sense of control when feeling carried away with anxious thoughts. The Anxiety Record is an effective worksheet that allows a client to capture step by step what happens when they experience anxiety. If we simply do nothing and then try desperately to reduce anxiety when it rears its head in a stressful moment, we may very well be ill prepared to manage it effectively.

Although helping others can be difficult when you have social anxiety, there are many outside-the-box ways that you can help people. Maybe you had a controlling mother or a father who put you down. Although sell these life experiences may have contributed to your social anxiety, you don’t need to let them continue to influence the course of your life. Start taking responsibility for your actions and behavior.

It’s suggested that social anxiety disorder symptoms usually begin around the age of 13. “Having a support system is important for any kind of mental health condition someone may be experiencing, social anxiety included,” says Halstead. Below, you will find several worksheets for learning to cope more info with anxiety. Completing these exercises proactively can help ensure better navigation of anxiety, inducing in social situations. In a 2015 study of 115 college students living with social anxiety, performing small acts of kindness for 4 weeks helped reduce the desire to avoid social situations.

The first step is to identify the stressor, before noting down anxious feelings and whether thoughts are helpful or realistic. Once the sensations have been observed, clients are encouraged to accept and sit with the feelings and sensations of anxiety from a place of nonjudgment, as with any mindfulness practice. Indeed, public speaking is the ultimate trigger for social anxiety because it involves purposefully exposing oneself to the opinions and judgments of others. You might feel safer among the crowd when you show up without really engaging, but this doesn’t do you any favors when it comes to overcoming social anxiety. People may not reject you, but they can’t really get to know you unless you truly make an effort to interact. When it comes to managing social anxiety, it’s just fine to start with little changes.


Retail therapy is obviously no cure for social anxiety, but sometimes clothing really can make you feel like a new person with a new attitude. Try to get yourself out of a rut by purchasing something outside your comfort zone. Choose a unique accent piece both have a peek here to try something new and to give others a conversation starter when they first meet you. Although it can be tempting to avoid social and performance situations if you suffer from social anxiety disorder (SAD), it is important to get yourself out there.

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