Back pain Diagnosis and treatment


Usually, lower back pain gets better with rest, pain relievers and physical therapy (PT). Cortisone injections and hands-on treatments (like osteopathic or chiropractic manipulation) can relieve pain and help the healing process. Some back injuries and conditions require surgical repair.

Try putting a pillow or a rolled towel between your lower back and your seat. Applying a warm compress or heating pad to the back or having a warm you could try this out bath may help increase blood flow and ease back pain. Strengthening is not the only type of exercise that can help reduce low back pain, though.

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If these or other exercises aren’t working for you, consulting with a physical therapist may help. They can tailor a program to your specific goals and needs. This lying twist can be done by lying on your back. Choose the surface that’s most comfortable for you, whether it’s the floor or a bed.

Bird dogs are a classic spine health exercise that helps build stability and support for your spine during extending, flexing, and rotating movements. When performing this exercise, Dr. O’Sullivan warns not to overextend or arch your back when extending your arm and leg. Again, if your back pain is from something like a fall or other traumatic event, talk with a healthcare provider rather than trying to DIY. Your provider will want to rule out more significant harm before advising you on the best route to pain relief. Bridge pose is a good stretch to get your spine back in a neutral position and get your glutes working to ease pain in your lower pack.


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In either case, staying physically active and regularly stretching can help reduce lower back pain or prevent it from returning (5, 6, 7, 8). You can relieve your lower back pain with yoga poses and other exercises, including the knee-to-chest stretch and Cat-Cow. Additionally, the advantage contact a provider if you’re experiencing symptoms of nerve damage, like tingling, weakness or pain that radiates down one or both legs. How far and how often you walk to relieve your back pain is a matter of your activity level and how your body tolerates it.

The idea is not to stray too far from your home base. Remember, the farther you go in one direction, the farther you have to walk to this content get back. Massage may help ease back pain in the short term and has the added benefit of increasing a person’s sense of well-being.

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