Why Loose Ear Crystals Make You Dizzy


Menieres disease causes tinnitus, vertigo, a sensation of pressure in your ear, and hearing loss. You may experience pain, itching, redness, and clear fluid drainage or a discharge of pus. The most common symptoms of ear fluid are mild discomfort, fullness in the ear, and mild hearing problems.

The exercises are typically customized to meet a persons individual needs. They may include eye and head movements, balance training, or other maneuvers, depending on whats causing your symptoms. In some cases, you can use hydrogen peroxide to deal with the presence of fluids in your ear. But if you have a ruptured eardrum or any other kind of inner ear infection, do not put hydrogen peroxide in your ears.

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A doctor will take into account what is producing the symptom and then suggest treatments that can include medications, therapies, lifestyle changes, or even surgery. If you have a higher risk of falling, ask someone to stand close by as you work on these exercises. In these cases, seek help from an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist — or go straight to a vestibular advice PT, who can diagnose and treat BPPV. They can put you through additional exercises to move the crystals back into place. A specialist may have better diagnostic equipment to figure out what’s causing the fluid buildup in a child’s ear. More importantly, a specialist’s experience helps them recognize subtle clues that could mean there’s fluid trapped in the ear.


Speak to your doctor if you have ear pain that won’t go away, feel like your ears are plugged, or are experiencing hearing loss. Yes, because the fluid may still be there and could later cause problems. Fluid that lasts a long time can damage the ear and require surgery. Also, young children often do not express themselves well, even when struggling with hearing problems or other issues related to the fluid. The best way to prevent problems is to see the doctor every three to six months until the fluid goes away. Ear fluid, also called otitis media with effusion (OME), is a build-up of mucus or liquid behind the ear drum without symptoms of infection.

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“Many patients with BPPV don’t even feel dizzy — just lightheaded, unsteady or a bit ‘off’ — but when we test for crystals in the office, there they are,” says Dr. Cherian. “When done in a medical setting, the over here success rate for these exercises is up to 90%,” says Dr. Cherian. “So doing them properly on your own can be quite effective for BPPV.” He adds that, once your BPPV clears, you should stop doing the exercises.

If none of these remedies work and you constantly feel fluid behind the eardrum, go to a doctor. You may have a condition called serous otitis media, which pop over to these guys refers to the accumulation of fluid in the inner ear. You should not use such home remedies for fluid in the ear if you have a middle ear infection.

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