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The Ex Factor Fanfic:

the ex factor fanfic

I would tell him about something and he’d usually find something to say about it. He comes from a really rich family, who are also rather stuck-up as well. His father’s one of the highest paid Lawyers in the whole state. His mother’s a Radiologist, she’s never this content really home but she always pays for Marcus’s private schooling, and stuff like that. Even though Marcus was like this, he always found a way to make me feel so special. Like, sure, he’s stuck up and all, but at the same time I still really liked him.

Three years after their breakup, Aubrey and Raven are focused on raising their son… With both of their careers at their heights, things couldn’t be better, but when new people enter their lives, they find themselves facing a harsh real… I head downstairs and into the kitchen. I walk in to find Susan making my favorite breakfast – french toast. “These are for you.” She says with her Latin accent, as she decorates the plate with slices of banana before handing it to me. I grab my things and say goodbye to the crew members in there.

the ex factor fanfic

I’ve known him since we were kids, he was always so nice and kind to me and always made sure of it. Whenever I was feeling down or had something on my mind we’d always talk about it and he made me feel so much better. As far as my personal life, that couldn’t be more stale. With my son and my career being my top priority that doesn’t leave much time for a man. I’ve been in one semi relationship since Aubrey and that only lasted about two months.

I make my way out to where Marcus is sitting in my chair, his eyes stuck on the small screens on the wall. A. Well like I said before, we make time for our you can try these out son. My son has a great father and he’s an awesome co-parent. In the three years that Aubrey and I have been separated, so much has changed for me.

As I wrap the towel around my rather small body, I hear the telephone down the hall ringing. I choose to ignore it, I’m sure someone will answer it. I walk over to my dresser and pick out my black leather skater skirt, a white tank top with faded roses printed on it, and my white converse. I blow-dry my hair and style it into my usual wavy hair.

He comes from a really rich family, quite like mine. Just one of the many things we have in common. A. Acting came hand in hand with dancing, it’s just that my career as a dancer took off before my career as an actress. Dancing was paying the bills so I had to give it my all while still trying to squeeze in auditions, but once I secured my first major role I was able to focus wholeheartedly on acting and I’ve been on a roll since then.

A. It felt great, especially for it to be the first film that I produced on my own, so that was huge for me. Even though we didn’t win, we all felt via like winners that day. Dancing has always been a passion of mine, that’s why I opened up my schools so that I could help nurture young talent.

This is why Susan is one my closest friends. She’s always looking out for me, and always keeping my feet on the ground. She’s my support system for if I feel down, or have something on my mind. “Marcus is on the phone, he want’s to speak to you.” I hear my maid Susan speak through the door. She sounded slightly worried, I hope everything’s okay.

My father is the owner of the CBS Television City, and the Producer of the X Factor USA. I usually sit backstage, in front of these screens, showing what’s happening out on the stage. I’m really glad I’m aloud to do this, because of it I’ve met some really amazing people, I’ve made so many friends.

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