10 Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing


You may also want to try gripping down on the handle to help you avoid digging into the sand, and stand a little bit taller at address to raise the swing arc. As a result, you should just bruise the sand and not create such a large divot. A lot of amateurs lose power due to a loss of turn, both in the backswing and follow through. You turn through your rib cage so you have your maximum range of movement to create the most speed and power.

After a few swings, remove the band and you should find it’s far easier to get your arms extended. Brush the ground with the sole and get that get the facts ‘whoosh’ sound. This will tell you that you’re extending the arms a lot more and your chances of topping the ball will be greatly reduced.


One of the reasons for a slice – and there are a few – can be too much of an out-to-in swing path. This drill can work wonders for those who are seeing the ball start left of the target and then curve back you can try here too far right (for right-handers). Put a tee peg level with the laces on your back foot as here. Take your backswing as normal and on the way down try to hit the tee peg away in the direction shown above.

On your lead hand you may notice that you can only see one knuckle or even less at address. In contrast, on the trail hand, you will be able to see too many knuckles – perhaps as many as three or four. If this is you, you’ve got a weak grip which could be the root cause of your troubles. As a guide, you want to see around two knuckles on the left hand and two on the right when standing at address. A simple way to develop your timing and release is to make some swings with a driver, holding it upside-down (as above). This will feel a little alien at first, but it’s a super drill to encourage you to get a ‘swish’ at the bottom of the swing, where you want maximum speed.

Another common error is a grip that is too strong, or turned too far to the right on top of the club. Often a grip that is too strong is the sign of a golfer trying to hit the ball too hard. There’s quite a lot that can go wrong when swinging the club from point A to point B – it’s quite a complex move. The Tour pros make this game look easy, but even they struggle with common swing faults and destructive shots at times, be a it a slice, a hook or a poor strike. Typically speaking, you do have a little bit of wiggle room in terms of where you position your ball during your stance.

With years of experience swinging clubs and exploring courses around the world, Liam shares his insights, tips, and personal stories to inspire and guide fellow golf lovers. John was struggling with slicing his shots off the tee. He dedicated time to the alignment drill, and noticed a huge improvement in his accuracy and consistency. For example, learn here watching your swing on video can help you identify any alignment or stance problems that might be affecting your performance. Working with a golf instructor can also be helpful, as they can offer personalized guidance with their knowledge. As shown above, place a club on the ground pointing towards the target with the grip end behind the ball.

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