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Golf Swing Speed:

golf swing speed

You can also use a swing training aid like an Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer. This will help strengthen the muscles you use during your golf swing. This has a patented counterweight system to increase your flexibility and boost your strength.

It’s important to warm up your muscles before playing, especially as we get older. A simple 3-5 minute warm-up routine of light stretching and light cardio will work. This will help prevent injuries and get your muscles and blood flow. This exercise targets the lower abs and obliques, which are important for stabilizing the trunk during the golf swing. This is probably one of the best budget-friendly options to monitor your swing speed and get instant feedback. Rest assured, these work for a multitude of golfers and can help you improve your game.

That will translate into greater energy transfer and therefore, greater distance. Another handy option you have available is to use a smartphone app to test your driver swing speed. While these are not as accurate as a radar gun or launch monitor, these can be a simple and quick way to track your progress. They’re small and portable, so you can take them with you to the driving range or practice at home. But just because you don’t fall into that range, doesn’t mean your game suffers. In fact, most club professionals will tell you that, while swing speed is important, it’s not the be-all and end-all of the game.

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cameron McCormick shared a video on Instagram showing how to increase swing speed in just one minute. Occasionally, you’ll see guys get in to the Final-8 at the World Championships that average in the 130s. Typically additional reading when that happens, they are better fit for their equipment, they are more mentally strong, they take better advantage of wind conditions, and things like that. As you can see, it’s very difficult to win swinging in the 130s, though.

Luke Kerr-Dineen is the Game Improvement Editor at GOLF Magazine and GOLF.com. In his role he oversees the brand’s game improvement content spanning instruction, equipment, health and fitness, across all of GOLF’s multimedia platforms. To my eye, Hovland is more of a higher hand speed guy, while Rory is an example of a throw-the-club type. This third training requires the purchasing of an economical weighted golf trainer. It generally aims to permit the practicing of the tempo of the swing.

Golfers should certainly aim to lift heavy weights as this will help to increase their swing speeds. You don’t need to train like a bodybuilder, a few resistance training workouts per week is plenty. While building a bigger chest won’t increase your swing speed as much as hitting other muscle groups, it’s still damn important. And no exercise is better for building the chest than the bench press. Tracking down a driver with serious ball speed retention is one way to add meaningful yards to your game, particularly on shots that don’t come close to the middle of the face.

In addition, medicine ball throws serve as a simple and useful assessment of explosive force production capability in the upper body. Finally, and importantly for those working in golf, many studies using measures of flexibility to date were questionable. Pooled associations showed that measures of anthropometry (e.g. height, body mass, limb length) had small associations with CHS (Fig. 8).

One option is to use a launch monitor, which uses sensors to track the speed of your swing. These are usually found at golf clubs or driving ranges, but you can also get newer models online. There are multiple ways for you to find out what your swing speed is.

However, there’s another way to get more distance that most people, even tour players, don’t even know about (and how easy it is to do) or realize is possible’ swing speed training. Now, I’ll talk about swing speed training and how you can increase your swing speed later on down the page, but to start, let’s simply get started discussing swing speed in general. The first factor I wanted to chart concerning swing speed is age and gender.

Here’s a little more detail to illustrate the correlation between driving distance and swing speed. Mach 3 trains golfers to think of the finish line of the swing as being the top of your finish. official statement You become hyper-focused on the target, the finish of the swing, and getting all of your energy, momentum, and speed ‘out in front’ and past the point where the ball is at impact’well past it.

Once you maximize efficiency, you can work on generating more swing speed. Teeing it up higher will encourage you to hit up on the ball more, resulting in greater distance. It’s the only solution in the entire golf industry I entirely trust (I’ve tested the junk). learn more here If you want your best opportunity, combine SuperSpeed with strength and flexibility training. The speed-training program has four levels, beginning with the easiest (Level 1). The company recommends three-times per week training for four weeks at each level.

golf swing speed

Most of the time, they can hit distances not only by using their golf driver but also the other golf clubs. This will also lead to thinking about how players can able to elevate the speed of the golf club head. Actually, they come up with this question as they notice that it is one ideal way in cutting shots within their golf game. Another way you can measure swing speed is by using a high-end swing simulator that tracks swing speed. This may be available at a driving range nearby or any professional club fitting store.

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