Jump Manual Review 2023 Is The Jump Manual Outdated?

The Jump Manual Reddit:

the jump manual reddit

Despite being one of the older programs on the market, the Jump Manual is packed cover to cover with so much absolute gold that you simply don’t find in other programs. Thanks to its detailed explanations and videos accompanying each step, understanding The Jump Manual was quite simple. Each workout typically takes 30 minutes, depending on how much time I spend on stretching or warm-ups before starting. I can dunk with ease, and I can now squat 440 lbs on the seated leg press. I’ve dunked 4 times in games, and I’m blocking kids’ shots off the backboard like crazy!!

This program will not only boost your vertical jump, but also help you get lean, strong and become an all-round better athlete. If you play basketball and your goal is to dunk this season over here then The Jump Manual is a great program for you. Jacob Hiller does a fantastic job of justifying the vertical jump training principles incorporated in the program for the most part.

We have tested it ourselves, put people through the program and have encountered many others who have shared their positive experience with the Jump Manual. There are also some great tips that teach you how to torch the fat while gaining jump specific muscle mass and strength. These handy tips are extremely helpful if you would one day like to learn how to dunk a basketball or spike a volleyball like the pros. However, it is also very important to consider that studies have shown that novice trainers adapt much more quickly and will only need to train at around 60% of one rep max to see optimal strength gains[3]. For example, he states that all lifts should be undertaken at 85% of your one rep max. This information is perfectly fine and will help you on your journey to a higher vertical.

A multi-faceted approach to injury prevention and recovery is important as well. What most people don’t know is that most muscle injuries are not caused by the injured muscle or supporting structure. In most cases of patellar tendonitis the injury is caused by muscle imbalances that create undue stress on other muscles and supporting structures.

During my Jump Manual review I was introduced to the concept of how development of incorrect muscle memory can be detrimental to your vertical jump. Don’t neglect the diet side of things when on a jump program or you will burn out. This revolutionary jump program has developed a cult following partly thanks to the quality of the content, personalized coaching my sources access and valuable bonus gifts. Jacob Hiller recommends that you follow the program for 12 weeks straight. After this time you can start the program again or contact Jacob Hiller to personality modify your program to progress you to an elite jumper. But hey, this is a nice problem to have as by this stage you will likely have a 35+ inch vertical jump.

the jump manual reddit

The Jump Manual is the only program to target every aspect of vertical jump explosion and quickness. The cumulative effect of effectively training each aspect produces results fast. Lastly, the Jump Manual emphasizes the importance of lifestyle habits such as proper rest and recovery.

The Jump Manual workouts are fittingly named the “max explosion workouts” which are programmed in 2-week cycles that train specific components of the vertical jump. If you are wondering what sort of results are possible with a 12 week hybrid jump training program (weights + plyometrics) then make sure you take a look. Over the past decade I have used other jump programs such as body-weight only options like Vert Shock, strength protocols like 5 x 5 strong lifts and everything in between. If you’re apprehensive about the program potentially causing harm to your legs, rest assured that Jacob has considered this too.

What’s more, Vert Shock lacks the comprehensive, lengthy jump theory that the Jump Manual features, though Vert Shock has a more streamlined design to its website with side panel navigation. As such, I was and always am a little skeptical of virtual jump training programs. Jump Manual is the ideal vertical jump program for beginners and intermediate athletes who want to learn about and deeply understand the science involved in vertical jump training. With the Jump Manual program, achieving significant results in your vertical leap can be time-consuming. The program recommends two week-long workouts, recovery exercises, stretching, and core training on off days.

Since the program is designed for up to 10 weeks, athletes need adequate rest to maximize their results. The program also includes pre-training warm-up exercises and post-workout stretching routines, essential for optimizing your performance and preventing injuries. The Jump Manual also focuses on helping athletes develop an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. This is important because the ability to quickly and powerfully jump requires a combination of strong muscles and relatively light body weight. The program provides comprehensive nutrition plans to help athletes increase their strength while maintaining their body weight.

If the Jump Manual workout’s large time commitment seems a little daunting, check out Vert Shock. That’s the compromise here; this is a longer workout regiment that requires a more lengthy time commitment than the Jump Manual to see comparable results. The program layout, tabs, and pop over to these guys iconography are pretty dated, while a few of the video tutorials sourced from the massive library could use a bit of retouching, if not refilming. This is an excellent, affordable way to give amateurs the same type of access to the real-time coaching staff that the pros have.

I would have liked to have seen a little more course progression and the introduction of new exercises to measure my continued growth in a variety of movements. What’s more, after the 14-day free trial, it’s only $19 a month to continue with your trainer. Your Jump Manual work starts off its first week with plyometrics at center stage. Plyometrics can enhance your performance through the utility of a stretch-shortening cycle.

(Remember to give yourself a week off for recovery of the nervous system in between cycles!). It sure can, but you will have to incorporate some sprints into your program to reap the rewards. Remember that the training principle of specificity is very important in increasing certain aspects of sport performance. If you think you’ve got what it takes to see the program out then we are extremely confident that it will get you the results you desire. And remember, if you don’t gain at least 10 inches in 12 weeks you can get your money back (but we honestly don’t think you will need too). If you have had any experience with the Jump Manual program please comment below.

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