The Jump Manual: Jump higher with comprehensive vertical jump training by Jacob Hiller


Such methods are then reinforced by carefully chosen drills, some of which use a medicine ball that imitate basketball movements. These programs end up wasting way more time than they should, without revealing anything. On the other learn here hand, the Jump Manual adopts a radically different approach and emphasizes preparation for any exercise with the highest possible commitment. While you’re navigating the jump manual, you’ll be able to see how user friendly it is.

He covers important topics such as how to optimize rest, recovery and nutrition over the course of the program. Remember, it is not the only the type of exercises that are important, but how you do them, when you do source them and how often you do them. It helps to understand the “why” behind what you will be doing in the gym. In order to get the most out of this program it is important to follow the linear sequence of the program.

Every program has pros and cons, and this jump training is no expectation. Yes, reaching a 40-inch vertical with this program is possible if you put the work in with maximum effort. Even if you are older or younger, this program will decrease your risk of injury by strengthening your muscles. If you do not have access to weights, I advise you to check out the program Vert Shock; this program focuses on shock workouts that do not require weights. You will need everything to increase your vertical by at least 10” inches. By becoming balanced when jumping, you significantly increase your vertical.

Complete workout chart showing you exactly how to get the maximum effectiveness from your workout. In this bonus e-book, you’ll learn about the Miracle Static Stretches that help your muscles and tendons develop the full range of motion which can instantly add 2-4 inches to your vertical. It relies exclusively on “shock” training, requires no equipment, and has proven to be extraordinarily effective while keeping the average time of the workouts to less than an hour. It almost seems as if the program expects you to train like a full-time professional athlete, which obviously most of us basketball enthusiasts are not. If you’re one of those people, and for whatever reason you just can’t/don’t want to pay for a gym, you can turn to Vert Shock, a great plyometrics-based program that doesn’t require any equipment. The grueling workouts that often take around two hours, the strict diet, the necessity for equipment; all mean that you’ll need a lot of dedication and time on your hands to be able to do the program.


At the same time, if one of the variables isn’t developed enough, your ability to jump high WILL be limited. The Jump Manual, however, targets all of these variables – It’s the only program I’ve seen that takes a multi-facet approach… therefore, it is much more effective. Yep, that’s the truth… most programs out there are pretty narrow in their approach. Almost all the programs you see today concentrate on just ONE or TWO of these variables. Throughout the years of developing his manual, Hiller has discovered nine different variables that affect your vertical leap.

Expensive gadgets and gismos, although sometimes effective are unnecessary and are usually marketing attempts to duplicate techniques which already available to any athlete. This is NOT one of those programs where you buy, and then find out that now you have to buy 15 other things to get results. You will have personal access to the same trainer who has trained Olympians, NBA athletes, and professional dunkers.

However, if you’re able to complete the program and follow through on its principles, it’s not unreasonable to expect to reach a 35-inch vertical or higher (perhaps even 40″ if you already had a decent vertical). If you asked me, this doesn’t take away from the program at all, as in my opinion every basketball player should be training his vertical all year round and be patient. If you the advantage are one of those people and you don’t have much time (or access to a gym), Vert Shock can be a great alternative as it doesn’t require any equipment and the workouts can be completed in under an hour. These techniques are then reinforced using carefully-selected exercises, some of which utilize a medicine ball to make sure that the movements mimic that of actually dunking a basketball.

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