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The bottom line with designing outcomes for depth jumping is that goals should be fairly specific to the type of sport. Basketball players can perform depth jumps with a basketball in their hands, trying to dunk the ball on a rebound. Volleyball players could perform a depth jump with a lateral drop off the side of the box into a blocking see jump. The possibilities are endless and limited only by the creativity of coaches, who simply remember the frame of ground contact and the general muscle recruitment their individual sport tends to demand. If you have a contact mat, it is useful practice to record athletes’ ground-contact times from various box heights as well.

It involves exposing the body to a high-intensity stimulus, followed by a period of rest or low-intensity training, and then repeating the process. Be prepared to spend about 5 hours spread across the 6 days of training week as a minimum. You also have the option to incorporate a few light recovery sessions as well. Yes, Jacob Hiller’s this content vertical jump is 44″, but what we don’t understand is why this seems so hard to believe. Secondly he is the mastermind behind the world’s best selling jump program The Jump Manual. The product has been developed consistently over the past 8 years by an extremely well respected and experienced jump trainer (Jacob Hiller).

Low box drops and jumps can be a great way to teach loading and reactive mechanics, but the focus should be on the mechanism of the landing and jumping rather than the height of the jump itself. Depth jumps are often the cherry on top of a properly implemented plyometric program, and should never be the first serving for any athlete seeking long-term development. To acquire a more powerful result from a depth jump, outcome goals should be a part of the process.


I’ve dunked 4 times in games, and I’m blocking kids’ shots off the backboard like crazy!! In my opinion and based on testing, Elite Vertical Academy is the better program because it’s more current and more practical. For hoopers looking for a website that’s easier to navigate as well as currently up-to-date, with high-quality production backing their workout videos and tutorials, look no further than the Elite Vertical Academy. Another thing is that at one point I felt that there was too much theory in the program.

And as a promised bonus, I recorded a quick video showing the program dashboard. A fascinating study that observed the Brazilian national league over 9 seasons recorded a jump from just over 25% to nearly 48% of what would be considered positionless, versatile players. My name’s Harvey Meale and I’m a sports science researcher and the founder of A1Athlete, a publication focused blog around helping you become a killer athlete. It’s probably the best overall option for beginners and intermediate athletes who aren’t interested in spending $275 for Vert Code Elite. Hiller was never a genetically gifted athlete but managed to teach himself how to jump exceptionally well, and more importantly, is one of the best at instructing others how to do the same.

But in order to make these components come into play, The Jump Manual uses a few specific and important scientific approaches which are utilized to great effect in the training. Most likely you’d end up using a program like Air Alert, and not only get NO results, but risk suffering a serious injury in the process. Weight plays a huge role in your jump – every extra pound you carry reduces your jumping potential. And third, the resistance of opposing muscles (agonist and antagonist) has to be reduced in order to allow the muscles to contract uninterruptedly. The Jump Manual, however, targets all of these variables – It’s the only program I’ve seen that takes a multi-facet approach… therefore, it is much more effective. Yep, that’s the truth… most programs out there are pretty narrow in their approach.

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