Kidney Infections: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, and Prevention


Doctors may check the person for other types of infection and for signs of a UTI. High Blood Pressure Your blood pressure can rise to unhealthy levels as your immune system tries to fight your infection. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your doctor right away. If you are currently taking medicine to treat a UTI, but you are still having any of these symptoms, contact your doctor.


Given that acute pyelonephritis develops rapidly, it is important to seek immediate care if you develop symptoms. If your healthcare provider is unavailable, go to your nearest urgent care center. When treated early, most kidney infections can be cleared with a short course of antibiotics.

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Everyday Health follows strict sourcing guidelines to ensure the accuracy of its content, outlined in our editorial policy. We use only trustworthy sources, including peer-reviewed studies, board-certified medical experts, patients with lived experience, and information from top institutions. A research arm of the U.S. government and part of the National Institutes of Health, this content the NIDDK offers a detailed overview of kidney infection and other conditions of the urinary system. Renal or Perinephric Abscess If the infection in your kidney is not treated promptly, the bacteria may create an abscess, or pocket of pus, inside or next to your kidney. There are no effective alternative or complementary methods or therapies for curing a kidney infection.

If it isn’t treated promptly, a kidney infection can lead to a number of potentially serious complications. For a mild kidney see post infection, treatment can last 7 to 14 days. It may take a week or longer for your symptoms to resolve with treatment.

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Urine leaves the body through another small tube called the urethra. One promising potential treatment on the horizon, says Herati, is bacteriophage therapy, which involves injecting a virus that targets specific bacteria, causing them to burst and die. This approach could be useful for UTIs and kidney infections have a peek here in which antibiotic resistance is a problem. Kidney infections that spread from your bloodstream tend to develop after surgery or as a consequence of another infection elsewhere in the body. For example, if an artificial joint or heart valve becomes infected, the kidneys can become secondarily infected.

For people with complicated acute pyelonephritis, the risk of death from sepsis and septic shock is as high as 17.7% (or roughly 1 out of 6 people). A kidney infection is mainly diagnosed with urine tests and imaging studies. The results of the tests will help direct the appropriate treatment. Kidney infections are rarely serious when treated promptly.

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