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Good spiritual habits keep us in God’s word, and in prayer, and among God’s people, even as we ride the emotional ups and downs of life. Father, I often think sin will satisfy the deepest desires of my heart. Only to leave me devastated and empty.

What’s holding us captive is a deceptive belief about what will make us happy. If we’re tempted to think that this was due to James’s ignorance of psychological, sociological, biological, or family-of-origin factors influencing us to sin, we’re mistaken. He more info may have lacked the extent of scientific data available in our day, but he knew human beings. His epistle is full of penetrating insight into our inner workings. In fact, I think he saw more clearly into us than most twenty-first-century Westerners do.

I also ask for strength to confess my shortcomings and receive Your grace. You are faithful and just to forgive, even when I struggle to accept Your forgiveness for myself. Only You can cleanse me from wickedness and forgive my sins. Help me want to submit my habits to You, as You work in me to change my behavior. Teach me to walk according to Your Word, not my fleshly desires. As a child of God, You call me more than a conqueror because of Jesus’ blood, which purifies me.


Some people are forever running late. Still others possess a tendency to leave things until the very last minute or struggle to manage their resources effectively. For most people, these bad habits are of minimal concern until those habits negatively affect the person’s daily life. As such, most people do not bother dealing with their bad habits until they have to do so. They will work on being on time when they miss an important event or are passed over for a promotion. They will try to stop biting their nails after they get the flu for the fourth time in a year.

Was he calling them to act in an evil way by killing innocent persons? Two other stories in Scripture should sell help to answer this question. It really wasn’t that they went from being ignorant to being informed.

Transformation into the kind of person who loves holiness and hates evil comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit, but he does it as we behold the glory of the Lord. So, that’s what I urge mainly every day, every day. Pore over the Scriptures, looking for the beauty of Christ and the fearsomeness of God, and cry out for a heart that loves holiness and hates sin. Father, teach me to rest in Your grace when I miss the mark.

Form the habit, so that you’re not stuck asking the same questions over and over again. Habits also keep us from having to make the “right decision” over and super fast reply over again. The power of good habits, and the danger in bad habits, is they save us from regular reconsideration and the energy-tax of decision-making.

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