Meno Belly is Real: How to Get Rid of Menopause Belly WHN


As women age, they go through menopause, which causes changes in their bodies. Menopause occurs when the ovaries stop producing eggs, and the levels of female sex hormones like page estrogen and progesterone decrease. If your menopause belly is stubbornly hanging around or getting worse even though you’ve made lifestyle changes, talk to your provider.

The acetic acid in the vinegar has been proven to support the stomach by aiding digestion and helps to feed healthy bacteria in the gut. By helping out your gut, you can rid your body of toxins, a first step in feeling better. ​Are you one of the millions of women over the age of 40 who are struggling to lose weight, especially around your middle?


By hanging over the skin of the lower abdomen and pelvis, a pannus stomach creates a skinfold where skin rubs together. Having a pannus stomach is normal for many people but can also cause discomfort and skin infections. Living comfortably with your pannus stomach can keep you physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Menopause can bring changes in body composition and weight gain, particularly in the midsection. Fiber is important for regulating digestion, promoting satiety, and keeping blood sugar levels stable.

In addition, rapid weight loss—including after pregnancy or weight loss surgery—can contribute to a pannus stomach. Eating healthy and moving your body is always important for overall health, but they can’t necessarily target one area of the body. Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass, which becomes increasingly important during menopause.

This bloating is not weight gain, per se, and it might resemble bloating that you’re used to from when you had your period. Once you stop getting your period, you may find that you look at this do not experience bloating anymore. If the appearance of your pannus stomach causes you stress, look for shapewear and underwear that make you more confident in your appearance.

It’s not necessarily possible to avoid menopause belly altogether because weight gain is a pretty typical and expected part of going through the transition. For example, when you feel stressed about your schedule, you might be more likely to reach have a peek here for quick, processed. Eating might also be something you do to comfort yourself and feel better when you’re stressed. To manage stress, try to do what you can to take a look at your schedule and look for opportunities to make it more manageable.

This article explains the causes and risks of menopause belly as well as safe ways to get rid of it. Catherine Hansen, MD, MPH, FACOG, FRCSC, NCMP, is a board-certified ob-gyn, certified menopause practitioner, and head of menopause at Pandia Health, a women-led control delivery service. Women’s ovaries decrease their production of estrogen in the menopausal transition. Then your adrenal glands pick up some of the slack by producing estrogen. Eating a higher amount of protein is going to be key to building more lean muscle.

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