When does menopause start? Signs, stages and what to expect


Yes, several factors related to menopause can lead to depression. Your body goes through a lot of changes during menopause. There are extreme shifts in your hormone levels, you may not sleep well because of hot flashes and you may experience mood swings.


Premature ovarian failure (POF), a frustratingly named condition, happens when the ovaries slow down or stop producing mature eggs and reproductive hormones. Women with POF may still have occasional, but unpredictable, periods. POF is sometimes try what he says confused with premature menopause when the menstrual cycle stops for good in women who are under 40. For the majority of women, menopause symptoms don’t start this early. If menopause happens before age 40, it’s called premature menopause.

Even though the symptoms of each are very similar, early menopause, perimenopause and menopause are different events for your body. But when your periods stop — and don’t come back — you may find yourself in early menopause. You can have menopause symptoms for as many as 10 years.Most often, they last less than 5 years. A lack of control over peeing can be another symptom of this stage of life. Activities like coughing or lifting may cause you to lose pee or you may have a strong, instant need to pee that is followed by a loss. You may also get more frequent urinary tract infections.

Keep in mind that symptoms can be very different from one person to another. Here’s a look at menopause through the ages, and what types of symptoms to possibly expect as you reach each milestone. Yes, facial this page hair growth can be a change related to menopause. This is because testosterone is relatively higher than estrogen. If facial hair becomes a problem for you, waxing or using other hair removers may be options.

The time leading up to menopause is called perimenopause. This is when a lot of women or people assigned female at birth (AFAB) start to transition to menopause. They may notice changes in their source menstrual cycles or have symptoms like hot flashes. Prescription vaginal creams can help relieve vaginal dryness. A seizure medication called gabapentin has been shown to relieve hot flashes.

This stage typically starts about 4-8 years before menopause. The age at which perimenopause begins varies – some women notice it in their 40s, but others can experience it as early as their mid-30s. If your symptoms are especially bothersome and having an impact on your quality of life, it’s time to ask for help.

In postmenopause, your menopause symptoms start to slow down and maybe even disappear altogether (though it’s not uncommon to continue to have random hot flashes). But it can also stem from surgery, treatment of a disease, or an illness. In these cases it can be called induced menopause, surgical menopause, or primary ovarian insufficiency, depending on the cause. Actively restore hormonal balance with targeted herbal compounds.

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