Nail Fungus Symptoms And Causes

How To Treat Nail Fungus:

how to treat nail fungus

Make sure to wash your hands promptly after touching the affected nail, especially before touching other nails. Toenail fungus can start as a case of athlete’s foot, and then spread to the nails. As you age, circulation navigate to these guys gets worse, leading to more brittle toenails. As you age, your nails have also had more fungus exposure and grow more slowly. In rare cases, toenail fungus can cause an infection called cellulitis.

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Consistent and regular use and proper nail care practices are essential. Laser treatments are also costly and usually not covered by insurance. Your doctor may also suggest that you thin your nail first with a file or urea lotion. Sesame Care allows you to book telehealth appointments, prescription refills and in-person doctor appointments. By Kathi ValeiiAs a freelance writer, Kathi has experience writing both reported features and essays for national publications on the topics of healthcare, advocacy, and education. The bulk of her work centers on parenting, education, health, and social justice.

For instance, researchers found this work to make Ciclopirox 8% (the nail lacquer) more effective, raising the cure rate to about 77%. It’s easy for nail fungus to spread through direct contact with infected surfaces or skin. It’s common to catch fungi if you walk barefoot in places like hotel carpets, on gym or locker room floors, or around pools. Sharing towels or nail clippers can also spread the infection. It’s also common to develop nail fungus if you wear moist and sweaty socks or shoes.

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While there is limited scientific evidence to support its effectiveness, some people have had success using tea tree oil for nail fungus. Distal subungual infections are the most common type try this of fungal nail infection and can develop in both fingernails and toenails. When infected, the outer edge of the nail has a jagged appearance with white and/or yellow streaks across the nail.

how to treat nail fungus

Your healthcare provider may use blood tests to check for potential medication side effects. These medications can affect your liver and interact with other medications, so oral antifungals aren’t for everyone. When a dermatophyte causes toenail fungus, the condition is called tinea unguium. A dermatophyte is a mold that needs a protein called keratin to grow.

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You can take a prescribed oral antifungal medication to treat the fungus. Options include terbinafine (Lamisil’), itraconazole (Sporanox’) or fluconazole (Diflucan’). You’ll need to take the medication every day for several months (or longer).

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Although home remedies typically have fewer side effects, there’s less scientific evidence that they work. An older 2008 study showed that the remedy is effective against toenail fungus as the antifungal medication ciclopirox. Even when the fungus clears, your nail(s) may look unhealthy until the infected nail grows out. A fingernail grows out in 4 to 6 months and a toenail in 12 to 18 months. People who have diabetes, athlete’s foot, or a weak immune system, who smoke, or whose family members have it are also at a higher risk.

These include keeping your feet clean and dry, wearing breathable socks and shoes, avoiding nail grooming tools used by others, and keeping your nails trimmed and clean. If you are at a higher risk of developing nail fungus, such as if you have diabetes or a weak immune system, it’s important to take extra precautions to keep your feet healthy. Older people are typically more prone to developing toenail fungus than younger adults. So are those with weaker immune systems or people with poor circulation in their legs. Toenail fungus (tinea unguium) is an incredibly common infection that can be difficult to treat. Tinea unguium usually isn’t painful, but it may make you feel self-conscious about how your foot looks.

The fungus often begins in the form of athlete’s foot between the toes or on the soles of the feet. At this stage, the fungal infection is easier to treat with over-the-counter medication, and that’s where toenail fungus treatments come in. Thankfully, there are also preventative measures that can be taken to avoid nail fungus.

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