Peripheral Neuropathy: What It Is, Symptoms & Treatment

Is Neuropathy Reversible:

is neuropathy reversible

Controlling blood sugar levels from the earliest stages of diabetes is one way to prevent diabetic neuropathy. It can reduce the risk of nerve damage by over 50%, according to the Joslin Diabetes Center. In addition to efforts to treat or prevent underlying nerve damage, other this page NINDS-supported studies are informing new strategies for relieving neuropathic pain, fatigue, and other neuropathy symptoms. Researchers are investigating the pathways that carry pain signals to the brain and are working to identify substances that will block this signaling.

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In addition to being a doctor, she is a social media content creator and blogger, where she shares what life is like in and outside of medicine while educating her audience on accurate health information. You can follow her @doctor.cole on Instagram and TikTok, @dralyssacole on Twitter, and read her blog Daily Dose of Vita. She is excited to join the Forbes Health Advisory Board to further her goal of sharing evidence-based medicine and preventing the spread of misinformation. As a cancer rehabilitation doctor, Alyssa Cole Mixon, D.O., M.B.A. cares for patients before, during and after their cancer treatment.

She then became the first cancer rehabilitation fellow physician in Philadelphia, pioneering the program at the University of Pennsylvania.Dr. Mixon joined the University of Virginia faculty as an assistant professor in 2021. She enjoys spending her free time with family, friends and her dog. If your doctor thinks you may have peripheral neuropathy, they may refer you to a neurologist, a doctor who specializes in diseases of the nervous system. The neurologist (or your own doctor) will begin by taking a history of your symptoms and examining you for signs of muscle weakness, numbness, and impaired reflexes.

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Surgery may be recommended for people with nerve damage from injury or nerve compression. Mobility aids, such as a cane, walker, or wheelchair, may be helpful. Over time, neuropathic pain can change, and you might need to use higher medication doses, or you might not need to continue medication for pain control. This article will discuss the types of neuropathy, their symptoms, and treatment.

Your muscles need nerve connections to the brain to stay healthy and work properly. Nerves play an important role in managing the bladder and urinary system. additional reading If the nerves that affect these systems are damaged, this can lead to the inability to recognize when the bladder is full and poor control of urination.

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Generally, the medications must be taken several times per day for pain relief. Certain nutritional interventions, such as controlling a person’s hemoglobin and B12 absorption can help relieve symptoms. If neuropathy is stemming from diabetes, diet and exercise may help decrease a person’s hemoglobin A1C (the average of someone’s blood sugar levels over three months) to a normal range, says Dr. Mayberry. If nutritional interventions are successful, the progression of neuropathy may stop. Peripheral neuropathy can affect one nerve, called mononeuropathy. If it affects two or more nerves in different areas, it’s called multiple mononeuropathy, and if it affects many nerves, it’s called polyneuropathy.

is neuropathy reversible

Exercise and physical therapy can help retrain damaged nerves to make appropriate connections to muscles, says Dr. Mayberry. This includes use of electrical stimulation, braces, orthoses, compression and other modalities. Improving strength and balance can help increase stability so individuals with neuropathy can maintain balance during daily activities.

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Neuropathy can create a random sensation of electrical shock, and more severe symptoms can include weakness in the foot and ankle, which can cause issues with walking. People experiencing difficulty walking due to weakness may trip over their toes and lose their sense of balance, otherwise known try this as a loss of proprioception, he adds. Neuropathy is a general term for a series of disorders that result from damage to the body’s peripheral nervous system. The condition can affect multiple nerves (polyneuropathy), a single nerve (mononeuropathy) or nerve groups (multiple mononeuropathies).

TENS units may be more appropriate for focal pain rather than peripheral pain, as peripheral neuropathy might cause discomfort in too large of an area to stimulate with TENS therapy, adds Dr. Rajneesh. Unchecked neuropathy can affect people’s ability to lead active, balanced lives. However, many treatments may reverse nerve damage entirely or help people with neuropathy manage symptoms. Diagnosing and treating neuropathy is important in preventing nerve damage from progressing. Usually a peripheral neuropathy can’t be cured, but you can do a lot of things to prevent it from getting worse.

(25) This technique is more commonly used to treat the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome but can be employed to treat diabetic neuropathy, according to a report from 2020. (26) Dr. Highlander says that in his practice, certain nerve surgery procedures work better when the patient still has some sensation in the nerve. If you have neuropathy, you may already know that this condition is not usually curable. However, sometimes, addressing the cause of the neuropathy can help prevent worsening and may even reverse some of the disease. The symptoms are not always the same for everyone, as some individuals with neuropathy may predominantly experience pain, while others predominantly experience weakness. Typically, symptoms can at least be partially managed with a combination of medication and therapy.

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