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Ectopic Pregnancy Treatments:

ectopic pregnancy treatments

Ovaries serve multiple functions, one of which is to release an egg each month for potential fertilization. The fallopian tubes are tubular structures that serve as a conduit to allow transport of the female egg from the ovaries to the uterus. When sperm is introduced, it will fertilize the egg forming an embryo. The embryo will then implant into endometrial tissue within the uterus. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when this fetal tissue implants somewhere outside of the uterus or attaching to an abnormal or scarred portion of the uterus. Your provider will want to remove the ectopic pregnancy with surgery if your fallopian tube has ruptured or if you’re at risk of rupture.

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Your doctor may also need to remove the fallopian tube during surgery if it’s damaged. Methotrexate doesn’t carry the same risks of fallopian tube damage that come with surgery. You won’t be able to get pregnant for several months after taking this medication, however.

Your healthcare provider gives you methotrexate as a single injection. This option is less invasive than surgery, but it does require follow-up appointments so your provider can monitor your HCG levels. In rare cases, a second injection of methotrexate is necessary if HCG levels don’t decrease enough with they said one dose. Talk to your healthcare provider about the possible side effects and risks of methotrexate so you know what to expect. Ectopic pregnancies can have serious complications, especially if a rupture occurs. Anyone experiencing symptoms of ectopic pregnancy should seek medical help immediately.

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Have an open conversation about your thoughts on future pregnancies with your healthcare provider. Together, you can form a plan and discuss ways to decrease any risk factors you may have. You should talk to your healthcare provider about future pregnancies after being treated for an ectopic pregnancy. Although pregnancy may happen quickly after treatment, it’s often best to wait about three months. This gives your fallopian tube time to heal and decreases the risk of another ectopic pregnancy.

Any time you experience abnormal vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain, you should talk with your doctor as quickly as possible. Ectopic pregnancy, in essence, is the implantation of an embryo outside of the uterine cavity most commonly in the fallopian tube. Smooth muscle contraction and ciliary beat within the fallopian tubes to assist the transport of an oocyte and embryo. Damage to the fallopian tubes, usually secondary to inflammation, induces tubal dysfunction which can result in retention of an oocyte or embryo. Hormonal variations throughout the menstrual cycle additionally have demonstrated effects on cilia beat frequency.[1].

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An ectopic pregnancy most often occurs in a fallopian tube, which carries eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. Sometimes, an ectopic pregnancy occurs in other areas of the body, such as the ovary, abdominal cavity or the lower part of the uterus (cervix), which connects to the vagina. An ectopic pregnancy reference is when the fetus grows outside the uterus, often in a fallopian tube. The fallopian tube can burst, resulting in internal bleeding. While ectopic pregnancy may feel like a typical pregnancy with mild symptoms at first, it can cause shoulder pain and other severe symptoms as it progresses.

In addition to concerns about the effects of oxybenzone on fetal development, mineral formulas can be less irritating for sensitive pregnancy skin, she says. Our experts like La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios sunscreen for its sheer texture and blendability. This zinc oxide-based formula has an SPF of 50, and it’s also oil-free. Instead, liquid nitrogen is the treatment of choice for HPV in pregnant patients, she said.

ectopic pregnancy treatments

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It can involve intravenous (IV) medications and steroid injections. Depending on severity, a healthcare team may recommend delivery as early as 34 weeks of pregnancy. This article will discuss possible causes of shoulder pain during pregnancy, the signs of preeclampsia, have a peek here treatment options, when to see a doctor, and commonly asked questions. Methotrexate is the medication most commonly used to treat an ectopic pregnancy, notes Natasha Schimmoeller, M.D., who leads Cedars-Sinai’s Family Planning Clinic in Los Angeles.

If the part of the female anatomy where the ectopic pregnancy is located ruptures, the woman usually feels sudden, severe, constant pain in the lower abdomen. Women with severe blood loss may feel light-headed or may faint. Peritonitis Peritonitis Abdominal pain is common and often minor.

She also really enjoys bread (even though she’s not supposed to eat it). Maintain regular visits with your doctor, including regular gynecological exams and regular STD screenings. Taking steps to improve your personal health, such as quitting smoking, is also a good preventive strategy.

Once an egg implants outside your uterus, you can’t move it to your uterus. If the egg has implanted in your fallopian tube and the tube bursts, there can be severe internal bleeding. If you have any symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, contact a healthcare provider immediately. A ruptured ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening medical emergency.

Transparently, the argument that a fetus has the same rights as the person carrying it is not really about the sanctity of life. If someone has a mild case of preeclampsia and has been pregnant for fewer than 37 weeks, a doctor may recommend waiting to deliver but with close monitoring. Speak to a doctor about unusual aches and pains during pregnancy. Jessica is a writer and editor with over a decade of experience in both lifestyle and clinical health topics. Before Forbes Health, Jessica was an editor for Healthline Media, WW and PopSugar, as well as numerous health-related startups. When she isn’t writing or editing, Jessica can be found at the gym, listening to a health or true crime podcast, or spending time outside.

An ectopic pregnancy needs to be treated right away to avoid injury to your fallopian tube and other organs, internal bleeding and possibly, death. Small ectopic pregnancies that have not ruptured may be treated with one dose of the medication methotrexate, given by injection. Methotrexate causes the ectopic pregnancy to shrink and disappear. After methotrexate is given, doctors do blood tests to measure hCG levels every few days or once a week to determine whether treatment was successful. If hCG cannot be detected, treatment is considered successful.

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