How many ultrasounds do you get in a typical pregnancy?


While the FDA says there is a lack of evidence of any harm due to ultrasound imaging and heartbeat monitors, they also note there isn’t enough research to rule out any long-term effects. Some medical practices offer 3D (high quality and lifelike) and 4D (moving picture) ultrasounds, which may help doctors detect specific fetal abnormalities and congenital disorders. However, these exams are also available at fetal portrait studios in places like shopping malls.

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Other abnormalities, such as a urinary tract blockage, can be treated with surgery even before birth. And knowing about any birth defects can help your provider deliver your baby safely and determine what care your baby will need right after birth. This may be especially true during the first trimester, when the embryo or fetus is more vulnerable to external factors.

If there’s no reason for an ultrasound (for example, if you just want to see your baby), your insurance company might not pay for it. An ultrasound, also called a sonogram, can help monitor normal fetal development and screen for any potential problems. In the early stages of pregnancy, you may have a transvaginal ultrasound, which uses a wand-shaped transducer that’s put in your vagina.


Most practitioners reserve the more detailed 3D and 4D ultrasounds for when they’re medically necessary to more closely examine a fetus for a suspected anomaly. Still, it can be tempting to ask or pay for more frequent scans as a way of coping with the anxiety that often accompanies even the healthiest of pregnancies. Berger feels it’s important not to use ultrasounds as a Band-aid, check these guys out but to address the underlying issues causing a patient’s anxiety, especially since prenatal anxiety can be a precursor to postpartum depression. Normally, your health insurance will cover most, or all of, the cost of an ultrasound if it deems the scan to be medically necessary. However, depending on your insurance plan, you may have to pay for the scan as part of your deductible.

Then drink an 8-ounce beverage of your choice (water, juice and milk are all fine) about an hour before your appointment. However, if you have certain chronic conditions sell such as asthma or obesity, the timing of your ultrasounds may vary. And an ultrasound in central Ohio can be as high as $1,205 while the max cost in NYC is $2,315.

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