54 Firewood Shed Designs, Ideas, and Free Plans + Bonus


We hope that you have been able to find plans that best suit your yard, and your overall firewood storage needs. You will need to follow exact step-by-step get the facts instructions to build a shed of this size. Here are our top picks for the best free firewood storage shed plans currently out there.

This one of the most natural-looking firewood sheds comes supported with the wood log poles and looks pretty rustic to look great in the backyard. Use extra cut short wood log lengths to support the bottom platform and be smart in planning the roof on an angle. Just install the rafters on the cross beams and cover them solid with the metal roofs. It doesn’t have a roof, but it’s a great way of storing firewood, especially if you have limited space in your home. Plus, it makes for a far more affordable project than other firewood storage units.


The corrugated metal roofs will be a great choice to wipe off instantly the snow and rainwater. Build also the wood storage sheds matching to your home will add a great curb appeal. Browse the entire list here of these DIY firewood shed plans free to see lots of enchanting samples to choose from. While this project is more time-consuming, it does allow you to build firewood storage that blends with your home.

Ideally, you should allow the wood to dry out before you begin to stack it. Pre-drill holes and install the 1×4 slats to the back using 2 1/2″ deck screws, leaving a 1″ gap between 1×4 boards. Pre-drill holes and install the 1×4 slats to the sides using 2 1/2″ deck screws, leaving a 1″ active gap between 1×4 boards. Once you’ve finalized the design, gather the necessary materials and tools for your wood shed project. The primary materials include lumber for the frame, exterior cladding for weather protection, and roofing materials to shield the firewood from rain and snow.

Instead of building a firewood shed, consider purchasing one. This design has a place for larger wood to be stored on the bottom and the kindling to be stored on top. Because of the roof and sides, your wood should stay dry as well. However, if you live in another type of structure, this design is cool. This way, they don’t have to go out in the elements to get more wood. Who says a firewood shed has to be done in the typical design?

Pre-drill holes and attach the 2×4’s to the 4×4 post as shown on illustration above using 3″ deck screws. Firewood shed plans include a free PDF download (link at bottom of blog post), material list, and step-by-step instructions with drawings. The frame serves as the backbone of your wood shed, providing structural support for the entire structure. Construct a sturdy frame using pressure-treated lumber, ensuring that it is level and square. Use galvanized screws or nails to secure the frame, adding durability to withstand the weight of firewood and the elements. Incorporate cross-bracing for additional stability, especially if you opt for a larger wood shed design.

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