How to Build Shed Roof Trusses


I’ve been a designer and a woodworker since I first developed consciousness. Furthermore, attach the panels to the back of the shed, my sources as well. Start with selecting a proper site for the shed foundation, ideally a flat solid surface away from any large trees.

Align the frame edges and make sure all corners are flush for a professional result. As you complete the construction of your shed project, you will want to finish with the roof truss structure. look at this Trusses are used to support the actual walls of your shed. This added support is essential to the design of your shed as it keeps the integrity of the building during its use.

Full Version PDF PLANS available in my Etsy shop, with complete plans, materials and cut list, dimensions, and step-by-step instructions. Measure and cut 16 T1-11 plywood siding panels to size. These shed panels are designed to interlock, so plan them out accordingly. These siding panels also come in
standard sizes of 96” x 48”, you’ll need about 496SF to cover the entire shed.

The truss are assembled using 1/2″ plywood gussets. Nail 2″ nails through the gusset and into via the truss. Cut the trims for the front and back of the roof from 1×6 lumber, as well.


Plans include free PDF download (link at bottom of blog post), drawings, measurements, shopping list, and cutting list. We recommend you to invest in the best materials you could afford. Therefore, you should buy weather-resistant lumber, such as pine or cedar.

Position the bottom chord and rafters along the floor will they will be located. Next up is installing the exterior shed sidings, it’s easier to do this first before adding in the roof trims. Full exterior panel cut and assembly plans available in the full PDF version.

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