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Mac Mcclung Vertical Jump:

mac mcclung vertical jump

This year, McClung has been one of the best players in the G League, posting averages of 19.3 points, 4.8 assists and 2.5 rebounds in the regular season. He was considered a three-star recruit and committed to play collegiately at Georgetown, where he averaged 14.2 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists over two seasons. Here’s a look back at what McClung was doing in high school, a highlight Overtime shared to commemorate his 21st birthday. While the 25-year-old didn’t disclose the dunks that he was going to perform, he did mention that he would be attempting certain dunks that the contest had never seen before. Ahead of McClung’s participation in the contest, fans are wondering what his chances are to win again. To measure his chances of repeating last year’s feat, let’s have a look at his vertical.

He appeared in his only two NBA games ‘ once with the Lakers and once with the Chicago Bulls ‘ in the same season. USA Today reports that McClung also broke Virginia state scoring records held by now-retired NBA players Allen Iverson and JJ Reddick before winning the Ballislife All-America Game Slam Dunk Contest in 2018. Many sports fans are sharing the top moments from his performance online, which you can watch in full here. The Philly team signed McClung to a two-way contract on February 14, allowing him to split his time between the Sixers and the Blue Coats, according to NBC Sports Philadelphia. McClung went undrafted in 2021, but he did turn in one of the most impressive vertical leaps in the history of the NBA Draft Combine.

Each of the programs I’ve discussed so far made it into my top recommendations because they serve a particular purpose exceptionally well. If this is the case, there’s very little difference between this membership and the Elite Remote Training Membership offered by PPA. I was as surprised as you are to learn that a program almost 15 years old still remains scientifically accurate and super helpful. While elite athleticism gives McClung the potential to be a disruptive defender, his 6-foot-3 wingspan could limit it. McClung’s assist figures during his rookie season in the G League suggest an improvement in playmaking and an ability to lean in to a lead guard position, which most closely aligns with his 6-foot-2, 185-pound frame.

mac mcclung vertical jump

In no particular order and with varying weightings, these are the 11 criteria I used to compile my list of the top 9 vertical jump programs. Actually completing 15+ vertical jump programs wasn’t super practical, so I decided to analyze each of their attributes side by side and then grade them based on how effective I think they are as a whole. For younger athletes or those who don’t have access to a gym, this is by far the most comprehensive vertical jump program. No one has put anywhere near as much time and effort into their vertical jump programs as Paul Fabritz of PJF Performance has. Jump Manual is the most comprehensive introduction to vertical jump training, ideal for less experienced athletes who want to learn and are happy to train in the weight room. Nathanael Morton has also created some really solid vertical jump programs and I believe his Beyond The Rim 2 program is well worth checking out.

The Mac McClung Jump Program doesn’t come with quite as much bonus material compared to the Vert Code programs, which is a bit of a shame. Exercise demonstrations are super accessible on both the mobile app as well as the desktop version and each of the workouts are pretty easy to read. Unlike the other programs from PJF Performance, the Mac McClung Jump Program is hosted on a site/app called TrainHeroic. You’ll start to see some more extensive plyometrics being added into the mix during phase 2. We’re known for providing EXTREMELY comprehensive video demonstrations for every exercise.

I think there are more beginner friendly options on the market like OTA’s Elite Vertical Academy or even Vert Code Elite. Rarely in this program will you find yourself under a barbell about to move some heavy ass weight. Lots of other extra videos that Paul has done for his other programs are omitted with the MMCJP too. Realistically this program is very similar to Vert Code Elite and costs less than half the price. Having a training partner is also highly advantageous for this particular program, although not mandatory.

Unlike Vert Shock, it includes a really nice balance of lower body strength, power, and plyometric exercises, so you’re able to develop both the strength and speed side of the power equation. If you don’t have access to a gym, Vert Code is unquestionably the most comprehensive bodyweight program on the current market. Most jump programs either gloss over this stuff or completely forget to mention it, but understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing in a jump program is super important.

Still, if you want to build a really elite vertical jump, a larger focus on improving limit strength would be super helpful. Knowing how to modify the jump program when in-season so as to avoid overtraining is absolutely crucial and there’s no information about this in the MMCJP. Increasing your vertical jump can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

We are still building a base of strength, but now we’re starting to enhance your elasticity aka the SPRINGS. This phase is important for long-term injury reduction but also packs a punch when it comes to building athleticism. Those two products are my current top recommendations, but any of these 9 programs will get you fantastic results. And finally the Mac McClung Jump Program is a really solid option specifically built for basketballers. The program itself is presented beautifully and it’s an extremely well packaged product. Yes, you’ll almost certainly get better results doing more advanced programs, but those programs take much longer to complete and aren’t always practical for everyone.

Growing kids often experience growing pains and pushing through that pain with intense exercise may make it worse. As long as you follow that rule and master the form on each exercise, athletes of any age can benefit from the program. This 2-week phase will build your foundation to decrease the risk of injury throughout the program and in sports. We will focus on building your muscles, tendons, fascia and other connective tissues to be strong and durable.

Years prior to becoming a professional, McClung quickly rose to prominence as one of the most athletic high school basketball players in America. On Tuesday, Feb. 14, The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that McClung had agreed to a two-way contract with the 76ers, bringing him one step closer to his NBA dream. McClung signed a non-guaranteed deal with Golden State in the over here 2022 offseason and, after being released, signed an Exhibit-10 contract with Philadelphia, which ultimately led him to the franchise’s G League affiliate. McClung isn’t exactly an unknown ‘ he’s been the source of several viral highlights since starring in high school. This year’s contest affords McClung the opportunity to become more of a household name in NBA circles.

If you’re considering buying one of Nathanael’s programs, you most definitely won’t be disappointed. Based on each of these factors I’ve given each program a rating out of 5 stars, which can be seen on each program’s individual review article. The Mac McClung Jump Program is a great option for aspiring dunkers and is best suited to those who are already dunking or can at least touch the rim. PPA’s Coach Ty is extremely well known for his biomechanical breakdowns of world class jumpers and his ability to articulate ways in which people can correct their technique.

Like in years past, the contest field will consist of four players, but for the first time ever, one of the four players won’t be completely representing an NBA team. This year, Mac McClung, a second-year guard on a two-way contract with the 76ers, will be one of four participants in the contest. After his final dunk, McClung was surrounded by a euphoric group of All-Stars in attendance, stunned see by what they just witnessed. He motioned to the camera, “It’s over!” — mimicking Kenny Smith’s famous broadcast call during Vince Carter’s legendary dunk contest win in Oakland, California, in 2000. His second dunk — a whirling helicopter, two-handed, 360-degree stuff — earned him a 49.8. Lisa Leslie was the only judge to prevent him from opening up with two straight perfect scores.

Getting a tailor made vertical jump program from John Evans and Isaiah Rivera is a surefire way turbocharge your progress on your vertical jump journey. Not only will Vert Code develop your vertical jump, but it’s got tons of speed, agility, change of direction, and lateral movement work baked in, so you’ll end up becoming a much more well rounded athlete. This 12 week program is masterfully crafted by one of today’s best NBA performance coaches, Paul Fabritz, and is an ideal choice for younger athletes or anyone active who isn’t ready to start lifting weights. McClung’s training techniques encompass a comprehensive approach to basketball skills improvement, incorporating various aspects such as vertical training, agility drills, and strength training. Most other jump programs cater to athletes from other sports like volleyball, track and field, football, etc. We don’t want to overdo upper body training when the goal is building athleticism, but we do enough upper body to build strength that will actually help you on the court.

The second phase of the MMCJP builds on the first phase and is also designed to prepare our body for the forthcoming explosive movements we’ll be doing throughout the Tiger Mode phase. I’m a big fan of the training split in this program and think it would be ideal to see this for the Vert Code programs too. For the remainder of this review we’re going to focus primarily on the Elite version. I’ll be keeping tabs on each of these programs and periodically adjusting my rankings based on the latest versions of each program. Which program is best for you will ultimately depend on your individual needs as an athlete.

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