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Vertical Jump Record:

vertical jump record

But there is not one athlete in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, or MLS combined in history who has even come close to reaching this height. That means no one has broken Kenny Gregory’s record of 45.5 inches vertical jump since 2005. According to the NBA Draft results, the highest running vertical jump is 45.5 inches, while the highest standing vertical jump is 39.5 inches. Gerald Sensabaugh is the NFL record holder for standing vertical jump.

This jump record describes an athlete’s sheer power and explosive capacity from a standstill. Hopefully, you now better understand the different methods of jumping and the differences between their approach and results. Officially, the highest platform jump Guinness World Record is 65″, or 5 foot 5 inches, which was reached by Brett Williams in 2019. Most players in the NBA are generally tall and able to reach the rim with no problem, so improving upon this aspect doesn’t do much for their ability to play, especially when they’re already able to dunk. The NFL Combine doesn’t test for the running jump, meaning there’s no information available on this method.

The guys below are pure vertical jump freaks, many of whom have joined the exclusive 50″inch club. Enjoy… The highest vertical jump in the AFL combine was 188 cm (34.5″) by Marvin Baynham. Leonel Marshall is 6’5″ tall and in his prime had a 50″+ vertical jump. It is extremely difficult to say who which NBA player has the highest vertical jump.

vertical jump record

He also has the perhaps most famous dunk of all time when he jumped over french 7-foot-2 center Fr’d’ric Weis in the 2000 Olympics. Be sure to check out our massive article that will show you how to jump higher for volleyball. In fact, in order to elevate his 250 pound body off the ground to that height he needs to generate a whopping 1600 pounds of force. The thing is that the combine is not compulsory and many of the big names choose to skip the weekend.

Players from both the NBA and NFL have performed the most significant jumps in the world. Here’s Bryon Jones showing off his 44.5 inch standing vert in the 2015 NFL Combine. He’s considered the best jumper in NFL Combine history, but because of his 147″ broad jump and not his vertical. In simple terms, it’s where you stand in a spot and reach as high as you can, and compare that figure to your standing reach. BUT, we can look to the NFL Combine and NBA draft to get a ballpark figure. After all, these include some of the most talented athletes in the world.

The try what he says continues to inspire generations of athletes to strive for greatness, push their limits, and aim for the stars. Achieving record-breaking vertical jumps requires more than just raw athleticism. It demands unwavering commitment, rigorous training, and a deep understanding of biomechanics. Kenny Gregory is well-known for having the best vertical jump in NBA history, leaping to an incredible height of 45.5 inches during the 2000 draft Combine.

The record was set at 47.1″ at the 2015 Nike Football Rating Championships on what appears to be a Just Jump System or similar jump mat. This is an important distinction since the context dictates whether the vertical reached is high relative to the method being used. Kevin this content Bania could actually be considered the person who unofficially broken Evan Ungar’s record before Bret Williams came along. His form and execution are near to flawless, making use of the momentum built up through squatting to push himself onto the stack of weights he had.

The world record holder for the high jump is Javier Sotomayor who is the only human ever to clear 8ft with a jump height of 2.45m (8ft 1/4in) in 1993. And, do NBA players jump higher than look at this NFL players or even Track and Field stars? Vertical Jump World is the #1 online vertical jump training hub. On top of his unbelievable physical features he had a massive vertical jump.

No matter who wants to challenge the claim, it is clear that the record for the highest vertical jump goes to Josh Imatorbhebhe for making a record with a height of 47.1 inches in 2015. The jump heights are also amazing and get people excited about the same. Based on the performance, it is evident that Josh Imatorbhebhe is on another level. For platform jump, the highest vertical jump ever is 65 inches. Sports, such as basketball, volleyball and certain track and fields events, require the ability to jump vertically. And jumping straight into the air requires powerful contraction and extension of all the leg and back muscles.

We can confirm that the height of the running vertical jump is usually higher than the standing vertical jump. That means the unofficial NFL record for running jump is about 52 inches. Another method for improving vertical jump height is the use of an isometric preload jump (IPJ). This is similar to a CMJ with the difference being that the crouched position is not rapidly assumed in order to maximise the influence of the SSC. An IPJ involves a crouched position being assumed for a longer period of time in the interests of maximising the ability to isometrically preload the muscles. This form of preload should be considered as being an isometric press rather than an isometric hold.

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