36 Best Texts To Send An Ex, No Matter The Situation


In fact, simply breaking up will not make the feelings you have towards your partner go away. On the contrary, quite the opposite tends to happen; your attraction to your partner becomes stronger and stronger. Thus, winning back the one you love learn more here soon becomes your primary objective. You must use impactful methods and tools to be successful at reconciliation. Coming up with what to text your ex back is just one way to do it or one aspect of many techniques that can be available to you.

Just painful to get through the day with nothing to look forward. I’m a big advocate of using text messages to rekindle a relationship. It was my go-to technique when I used to reach out to my exes in the past.

But at this point, there’s no reason to shy away from being brutally honest with yourself. It’s even easier if you put the blame on yourself and try to fix those mistakes. One of the best resources that I’ve found on using texting in relationships is called Text Your Ex Back. It’s a program by a relationship expert called Michael Fiore that focuses on breakups and rekindling relationships.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to end conversation permanently with an ex for your own healing journey — just make sure you communicate it. “Be honest and upfront without being cruel,” Pricilla Martinez, dating and life coach, previously navigate to these guys told Bustle. “Strike a balance between being kind and firm, but be clear. If you’re leaving room for interpretation, you’re not helping them get the closure they need.” Don’t get this part wrong, because it’s critical to your success.

What you’re doing here is being honest with your ex about your feelings towards him. And remember, this is not a booty call, and you won’t be able to fix your relationship with just these initial texts. Ladies, you’re setting up the groundwork for a stronger, better relationship with these texts. This is why the Text Judo guide is split into five phases.

You need to make sure that you send these at the right time, and you need to keep it virtual. Before you start pointing fingers and say it’s all your ex’s fault, remember that a relationship is a two-way street. If you feel like you need to apologize, official statement own up to your part in the breakup and give them the space to talk if they want to. Express what you did wrong, say you’re sorry, and wish them well moving forward. You might even be able to get some shared closure on the breakup.

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